AdNow - make money online by display ads on your website/blog

AdNow is a make money online program which allows you to display advertises on your website, so that you can make money online with it.
AdNow - make money online by display ads on your website/blog

Site information:
  1. Register here: http://adnow.com/?referral=164943
  2. You can make money online by displaying widget on your site.
  3. Minimum payment: $20. Payment options: Paypal, Wire
  4. Affiliate: 50% earning from your referrals.
How to make money online with AdNow :

  1. Go to http://adnow.com/?referral=164943 and click Sign up.
  2. Input required infomations: Name, Email, Password to finish. You will need checking your mailbox to confirm your account.
  3. After registration successfully, login to your AdNow account. Now click Add site. Choose HTML as Ways to confirm the "owner" status and input other information (Name, Web address http://, Website language, Website traffic). Then click Add. Important: you must copy the confirm code into your website.
  4. Your site will be review by admin before you can display ads. Waiting for that. After your sites has been activated, click Widgets to get code. In widget page, click Add a widget, choose a site to create code. Review some options for your code and click Save > click HTML code and copy all code to your website.
That't all. Your websie will display AdNow ads soon.
Good make money online!
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  1. m add html code in my website for confirm but every time say Error: The owner status has not been confirmed. Please make sure you have chosen one of the ways of confirmation and followed the instructions.what should i do

    1. If you have pasted confirm code into your websites, you should wait for reviewing by Adnow. It's usually take 1-2 days :)

  2. How to get payment on adnow.com automatic.
    I have 25$ how to transfer into PayPal. Plz tell me.

    1. You can go to https://adnow.com/members/index.php?event=profile&action=paymentsmethod and set payment method to receive pay ment :)

  3. i am a blogger & recently i upgrade it website. plz tell me where i put these code. 1st one where place & second.

    1. Hi @Akhilesh Kumar,
      Go to your blogger dashboard, click "Template" > "Edit HTML"
      Put code below BODY tag.
      Wish succeed!

  4. HII, I am blogger whenever i am adding a site it was telling about ""Error: The owner status has not been confirmed. Please make sure you have chosen one of the ways of confirmation and followed the instructions.""so what to do

    1. Hi @Akash Kanojiya,
      Make sure that you have copied confirmed code in to your blogger HTML template. Then waiting for Adnow testing that. It may take 2-3 days.

  5. hi i am blogger when i put code to blogger template below body it say Scanner State 24 not Recognized how to do please help me

    1. Where have you seen "Scanner State 24 not Recognized" message?

  6. hello i have already sign up to adnow and i want to withdraw some money. When i try to withdraw with paypal it said me *bad currency 500*. What can i do? Thanks from the beggining

    1. You should check your payment setting at Adnow account. It maybe wrong.

  7. There are two HTML codes where should i paste each in my movies blog?

    1. You mustt copy all codes into a HTML widget to display them.