Content.ad: make money online by display ads - minimum withdraw $50

Site information:

Payment options:

  • Minimum payout: $50. Payment made after 30 days since your balance reach minimum payout.  Accumulated earnings of under $50 will be paid out once a year in January.

  • Payment via: Paypal, Wire Transfer, Check

  • Fees: no fee for Paypal

How to make money online with Content.ad:

  • Goto https://www.content.ad/ and click Sign Up

  • Check on I want to show recommendations or earn revenue by adding Content.ad to my site. Choose My Daily Site Traffic Is in the list of pageviews.

  • Then input your information for new account: Email, Password, First name, Last name, Primary domain,... Click Create My Account to finish.

  • When finish sign up, check your mail box to click on the confirmation link to active your new account. Then, you will redirect to your account dashboard. On the dashboard, click Widgets and click New Widget.

  • On new widget setting, enter Widget Name, choose Domain, Widget Type, Display Options. Then click Save & Finish. You will see the Installation Code. Copy and paste it into your blog/website HTML.

That's all. Good make money online!

Video version here: