Create free MasterCard and receive $25 with Payoneer

When you make money online, you might need to withdraw your money to use. Then, a MasterCard will help you to do that. Now we will show you how to create free MasterCard and receive $25 with Payoneer.


  • Free to create and receive the MasterCard

  • Check balance and transaction status online

  • Send money online to more than 200 countries, in over 100 currencies

  • Receive money from thousands of companies worldwide

  • Withdraw money anytime at ATMs, to local bank accounts or shopping centers


  • Annual Account Maintenance: $29.95/year

  • Card Replacement: $12.95/card

  • ATM Withdrawal or POS/Bank Teller Cash Disbursement: $3.15

  • ATM Decline/Balance Inquiry: $1.00/transaction

How to create free Payoneer MasterCard:

  1. Go to Payoneer and click Sign Up Now. In Personal Details page, input First name, Last name, Email Address and Date of birth. Click Next to continue. Important: First name + Last name + Date of birth must be same to the display information on your Government ID card.

  2. In Contact Details page, input exactly your address so that you can receive the free card: Country, Street address, City, Postal/Zip code, phone number. Click Next to continue.

  3. In Security Details page, input Password, Security question and Security answer so that you can sign in Payoneer account online by your email. Click Next to continue.

  4. In last step - Almost Done page, choose Type of government ID (Driver's license/Passpord/National Id) and input its ID and Country. Check all on I agree to the Electronic and Cookie Disclosures and Privacy Policy, I agree to the Terms and Conditions and USP Service Terms and Conditions, I agree to the Pricing and Fees. Finally, click ORDER to complete registration. Waiting about 3-4 weeks to receive your free Payoneer MasterCard.

Note: Once your card is loaded with $100, a $25 reward will be loaded to your card.

That's all. Wish succeed!

Video version here:


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