Bitvisitor auto surfer: auto surf Bitvisitor.com

Bitvisitor auto surfer is a software which can auto surf websites at Bitvisitor.com. You only need input captcha to earn Bitcoin without need to click and view websites.

Download and install Bitvisitor auto surfer at Mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/?5qyqdm1dnpelwli

How to use Bitvisitor auto surfer:

 01. After install Bivisitor auto surfer, right click on Bivisitor auto surfer shortcut on desktop. And input your Bitcoin address in Target. Then click OK. Now open Bivisitor auto surfer shortcut without needing input Bitcoin address more times.
02. Input captcha when promted. Then Enter to continue.
03. Auto surfing: You can see Bitcoin have been earned and Bitcoin is currently getting...

Good make money online!

Video guide here:


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  2. When i hit enter, the screen shutdown.

    1. What error have you received? You can try install the tool again.