[Scam] Genuine Shares: Min dep $4 - min pay $7

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Purchase ads package
Price$4 per package
TimeUntil become 175%
Earnings~ 20% per day
Withdrawal timeManual

  • Minimum payout: $7, withdraw via Ego Pay, Liberty Reserve, Multy Money, Payza, Solid Trust Pay

* Ref back 100%: Leave your username in this form to receive bonus from us when we will have cashed out.

Our Genuine Shares proofs:

[caption id="attachment_476" align="aligncenter" width="150"]Genuine Shares proof 01 Genuine Shares proof 01[/caption]


  1. Mới nhận được cái mail:
    "Dear Members, Some of our very first customers (who earned maximum) were file dispute with payza against us unnecessarly and now our payza account temporary hold with more than $30,000, So that we cant move forward. Sorry for inconvenience. Please try to understand us Sincerely Admin Genuineshares".

  2. anh cũng đang chờ xem thế nào đây.nếuk ổn thì dispute tiền về :D

  3. Thằng này đi chưa a, e chẳng thấy nó tăng tiền nữa :(

  4. Em vào Payza dispute transaction của nó đi. Chắc nó die rồi. Anh cũng chờ mãi mà k tăng tí nào :(